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About Us

Aroma Atsiri

Aroma Atsiri

Aroma Atsiri is one of major Indonesia’s essential oil producers. We always be at the forefront by utilizing rich Indonesian sources and producing, sustaining and distributing all essential oils, natural extracts, aroma chemicals locally and globally. All Aroma Atsiri’s products are completely the same degree of purity and the same high standard quality.

Aroma Atsiri’s Policies

As a growing manufacturer of natural products, we commit to follow the highest standards.

  • Less environmental impact by applying recycling procedures, using energy efficiently,
  • Sustainable approach in business and adherence to social responsibility concerns
  • Quality assurance, Food safety, Traceability
  • Employee’s health, safety and friendly environment
  • Follow the rules & regulations of locally and globally
  • Halal assurance system & GMP
  • Customer satisfaction is our high priority

Environmental Friendly Practices:

Applying all required preventive precautions to avoid high impact on environment & neighbor.

Technology & Infrastructure :

With well-equipped, innovative and advanced technologies, we are continuously producing new products to fulfil our customer’s expectations.

SOURCING & Regulatory

All material tested and maintained at the high level of standards that guarantee the customer’s satisfaction and they will receive a traceable and sustainable product.

All of Aroma atsiri’s products are produced as per the international regulatory standards such as FDA, EU, IFRA, IEOA, RIFM, ISO, Halal & Kosher



Our vision is to become the finest essential oil producer in Indonesia, providing a leading product that the world needs, and continuous in being innovative for the local and international market.


Always guarantee customers steady supply of the highest quality essential oils at a competitive and affordable cost.


We believe that the best quality products come from a combination of the right process and the best technology. Committed to this principle, we ensure that everything at Aroma Atsiri; the people, the processes and the technology, is properly integrated. Similarly, we select and source only the best fresh raw materials from farmers, suppliers and from our own plantation; raw materials for which Aroma Atsiri can ensure both traceability and consistent supply.

With high performance production capacity Aroma Atsiri can guarantee to our customers a steady supply of the highest quality products at a competitive and affordable price.



Aroma Atsiri has a passion for purity, quality, safety and service.

Managing raw materials procured from natural sources is challenging. Local weather conditions, seasonal differences and planting patterns, all affect supply and quality.

We work directly with farmers and distillers to ensure quality, consistency, and sustainability. Direct involvement in the planting, cultivation and harvesting of raw materials, and having control over every stage of the process from gathering through to dispatch, means that every product is 100% pure and natural


We monitor every step of the production process to ensure consistent product integrity.
With well-equipped QC lab and experience employees, we ensure best quality.
From source to final destination the focus is always to produce high quality Products

Career & Jobs

Working at Aroma Atsiri means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole team creates fascinating products around the world. Once you experience it, you’ll want to stay.

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